About OutdoorSafe

Basic Compass Training

Our Work

OutdoorSafe brings years of survival expertise compiled by  professionals in wilderness environments all over the world. We also provide state of the art training and field tested equipment to outdoor enthusiasts or for anyone unexpectedly caught outside.

Being comfortable outside

Our Community

OutdoorSafe strives to keep the outdoor enthusiast (hunters, hikers, the public) safe from the unexpected and self-reliant, by providing practical methods of surviving in every environment and living comfortably outside.

Teaching practical survival skills

Our Training Includes

  • Survival Psychology
  • Survival Myths & Misconceptions 
  • Staying Found (Not Lost)
  • Survival Medicine
  • Impact of Weather
  • Selecting Clothing
  • Fires & Fire Building
  • Emergency Gear (survival equipment)
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Rescue

Our Partners