Corporate Aviation

FAR 135.331 Emergency Training

Required emergency briefing

We provide emergency procedures training which fulfills the annual requirements for certification under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 135.331 for all aircrew and flight attendants.  Our 1 day course includes practical demonstrations on emergency equipment, life-rafts, emergency exits, flotation and fire extinguishers.  Fulfill all your Corporate Aviation FAR 135.331 needs for all your aircrew.

Mobile Training Where You Operate

We travel anywhere

Our instructors will travel to any operations location around the U.S. or even internationally, saving you valuable time and money for your aircrew's training needs.  We safely use your aircraft and custom tailor the demonstrations to reflect your flying operations, equipment locations and requirements.

Underwater Egress

Underwater egress training

ERI developed a unique Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET) while working under contract for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The SWET safely simulates a ditching cockpit/aircraft environment.  Students learn the muscle memory to handle disorienting underwater conditions without panic.  The SWET is also mobile and can be used in a local swimming facility. 

Global Survival

Open water survival

ERI provides outdoor skills training to a variety of agency personnel from all over the world and in every environment on Earth.  This training experience gives us a strong foundation to provide aircrew with practical training on how to protect themselves from extreme environments after an unplanned off-airport landing or ditching.  Additionally, we focus on how to facilitate rescue and how to aid Search and Rescue personnel. 

Travel Security

Traveling securely

 Corporate Executives, Buyers and Company Personnel are often sent into foreign countries with little or no training on how to avoid major problems.  Our training seminars provide you with specific information to make proper safety and security related choices when traveling abroad or even to unfamiliar major metropolitan areas. 

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