FAR 135.331 Training

We Bring Our Training to You

Bringing our experienced corporate aviation emergency procedures trainers to your area provides the following direct and immediate benefits: Mobile training clients save thousands of dollars in aircrew travel expenses alone; less impact on flight schedules (i.e. no aircrew travel days); scheduled training on a convenient date specifically for your organization; Pilots and cabin attendants will both receive certification in one eight-hour day; Improved CRM, with operational crews training together; and use of your own aircraft and equipment for more focused and realistic training.  

Our new “Mobile Course” serves FAR part 135 or 91 pilots, cabin servers, owners and frequent flyers. We also encourage you to invite other operators to participate in your training, especially if you need more participants. An ideal class size stands at 8 to 10 students. However, with enough interest, our mobile training team will teach back-to-back courses on consecutive or close to consecutive days, delivering even more cost savings per student.

Direct Benefits

  • Meets annual FAA requirements
  • Save Money
  • More Effective Training
  • Custom Tailored

                        Your Schedule

                        Your Aircraft

                        Your Equipment

  • Short Notice Scheduling  Available

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