Emergency Response International

Cockpit fire and smoke training

Our Work

ERI specializes in training for Global Survival for Aviators, Open Water Survival, Helicopter Emergency Egress, Basic Search and Rescue Skills, Basic and Advanced Search Management Training and Train the Trainer programs along with Textbook publication for all of the above

All kinds of Emergency Response

Our Emergency Training Community

ERI primarily serves people living and working outdoors.  Professionals who face unexpected exposure to extreme environments, or those charged with responding to outdoor emergencies and Search and Rescue incidents.  Our Clients include:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • State and Local Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Corporate Aviation Departments
  • Volunteer Search and Rescue Groups

Maritime rescue training

Our Training Includes

  • Search Management
  • Lost Person Behavior 
  • Basic Search Skills
  • Search Planning
  • Instructor Training
  • SAR Textbooks
  • Survival Kits and Equipment
  • Underwater Egress (Aviation)
  • Travel Security
  • Instruction Materials and Media
  • Open Water Survival