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  1. I heard you make a presentation today about outdoor survival risks at the Washington Sportsman show. Thank you!
    At the show, I purchased the $35 emergency kit and I’ll take that on my hikes.

    1. Thanks for coming by our booth and listening to my presentation.

      Best regards – Peter

    2. Peter, heard your presentation in Bend Oregon at the Hunter Ed conference. It was outstanding! You recommended using REI matches. Over this past weekend I went to REI they no longer sell their brand of match. They sell another provider windproof matches. UCO brand matches! Have you tried them and are they any good? Thanks for your help. -Clyde

      1. G’day Clyde – as best I can tell them are identical. REI lost their right to be the exclusive seller of the matches and as a result I’m seeing the UCO matches quite commonly. So I’ve made the switch. They are also being sold in a rather nice hard plastic container.

        Beast regards – Peter

  2. I attended a class on Wilderness Survival at University of Scouting in Dallas Texas by Mel Tome and he used your videos in his class and gave us your website address.

    1. So Curtis – what did you think of my videos?


  3. Hello from Italy!
    I used your DVD and yr. manual when I taught my NBEF students a basic Bowhunting Course. The material was ordered thru the official NBEF website.
    Carlo Scalfi, Milan Italy

    1. G’day Carlo – I hope your NBEF class went well. Please contact me if I can ever be of any help.

      Best regards – Peter

  4. i was reading a david petzal blog in field and stream and he mentioned peter and this website

    1. G’day Dennis – what did you think of what I had to say?


  5. I heard about you on youtube, your video came up as a recommendation because i watched another video on cold weather survival.
    keep up the good work

    1. Did you get to watvh my videos and if so what did you think of them?


  6. Through the blog Homestead survival. I liked her page on facebook and then through a post of hers found you and also liked you on facebook. I really like the info.

  7. Correction I found you through a blog post from LPC Survival Ltd. that they posted the link for on facebook.

  8. I had the great fortune to hear and meet Peter at the Kansas Hunter Education Instructors Academy this past weekend. Thank you Peter for a great session. Your approach to mental conditioning and preparation is outstanding. I left with an appreciation that ‘preparing for an inconvenience is far preferable to facing a survival situation’. That will drive and focus what is important to me and how to prepare for those pesky ‘just gonna’ situations.

  9. Heard about Mr. Kummerfeldt and this site from one of my hunter education instructors Mr. Martin. Mr Martin’s account of meeting and discussing survival skills with Mr K. was quite informative and I say pithy, informative and inspiring.

  10. Survival Common Sense

  11. I usually do not write comments on posts, but your post urged me to commend your writings. Thanks for writing this, I am going to definitely popular your site and come back as soon as in awhile. Content blogging.

  12. I attended the Wilderness Medical Society’s annual conference in Chattanooga, TN, and one of the seminars I attended was Mr. Kummerfeldt’s survival course. Wonderful stuff!

  13. I heard about you from another Search & Rescue friend in another part of our state, Oregon.
    I am in Eastern Oregon and she is more Central Oregon.

  14. I watched your video on UTUBE best I have ever seen. Very informative looked up your site to visit your store an will be buying several items soon

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I try hard to present practical information that the average person could use in a real world survival situation.

      Best regards – Peter

  15. I have been to your seminars on a couple of times
    I teach Hunter Ed for Arizona Game and Fish an use your teachings in the survival classes
    Love what you do


    1. G;day Darrel – great to hear from you and glad to hear that you;re using what I taught. Holler any time I can help – Peter

  16. Peter,
    Thank you so much for your work at the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife Outdoor Education Seminar on July 13, 2013. Your practical approach to outdoor survival has caused my teaching team and me to reconsider the content and technique of our outdoor survival instruction block. Thanks again for a very informative daytime one-hour station and a great evening presentation, Outdoor Survival Myths.

    Ralph Totton

    1. Great to hear from you and glad to hear that my program was beneficial. Holler anytime you have a question or if I can help in any other way.

  17. Although I was USAF, I learned of you through my contact with Tony Nester and Reggie Bennett…There are a lot of people with Outdoor Survival Skills,but it is the teaching technique and personality of the specific Instructor that keep the interest of the student and encourage them to continue learning ,to enjoy the great Outdoors. Your instruction is important enough that Outdoor skills of Self -Rescue that you teach puts the lives of SAR Personnel at much less risk. I look forward to shopping your site and learning from you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are a lot of people who are very good technically but are lousy teachers. There are a lot of people who are good teachers but are not good technically and then there are a few people who are good both technically and are good teachers. I work hard to fall into the latter group.

  18. I found your web site through Survival Common Sense. I love the fact that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a super-techy to do what’s necessary to survive the “bad things” that happen to any number of souls day in and day out.

    Practical, common sense solutions to life’s problems is severely lacking in the prepper world –seriously folks, not everyone can afford the ultimate bug out location or the ultimate Thunder Dome vehicle to get there!– but your web site and (I assume) your seminars go a long way to ensure anyone can survive. Thanks for your service, both military-wise (I’m a former USAF Med Evac nurse) -and- post-military.

    Best regards,

  19. I saw your products on backcountry college on youtube. I was looking up BOT pot and saw your outdoorsafe bag used in one for a survival kit. Pretty neat. I’m making one up for all of my family to carry when traveling.

  20. 2014 CBA Jamboree at Quail Mountain. It was good that you could eat with our group on Saturday night. I learned much on Friday afternoon when I was with a group from Ted Nugents Camp for Kids and your talk on Saturday. Many Thanks

  21. ClearWater Conservancy (State College, PA) and outdoorsman Gary San Julian ran an excellent introductory look at what and what not to carry in a survival kit and how to reliably start a fire when you really need one. Gary spoke highly of your products and expertise!

  22. I see the article in the IHEA magazine I received in the mail today. found the article very interesting and informative. As a Hunter Education Instructor always looking for new things to introduce my student to in outdoor survival. In Wisconsin we as instructors are not to “Actively endorse specific associations, groups, manufacturers, or products”. We can ask compai9nes or organizations for donations to hand out to our students.

  23. Heard about your products from a Youtube video done by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. The subject in the video was talking about your survival kit which he carries when hiking and hunting.

  24. I learned of your site by surfing the net looking at other sites, & learning of your affiliation with the USAF training school! I am slightly older than you, & I find it highly refreshing to learn & observe your way of approaching surviving in the wilds! Your down to earth, common sense approach to all outdoor problems really resonates with me! Would that all of our younger generation could learn at your feet!!!


  25. Peter, I’m a USFS District Ranger and have benefitted from two of your one-day sessions in the past. The first in Meeker, sponsored by either Rio Blanco County SO or (what was then called) CDOW. That experience prompted me to ask you and your wife to put on a similar session in Glenwood Springs. Now I’m in NW WY and should see about getting you up this way. Thomas

    1. G’day Thomas – Sorry I haven’t responded to you comments sooner but I’ve been spending a lot of time in SOuth Africa leading photography tours. So when are you going to have me up to speak to your troops? Love to do it if you have an interest. Where are you based out of now?

  26. I have known Peter for long time and everytime I here him speak I learn something new.

  27. I heard about you in archery hunter safety course in Old Town Maine.

  28. Peter,
    I heard about your web site through the you tube channel Backcountry Hunter and Anglers with host Clay from twistedstave.com. I have ordered several things from your site that I use regularly, however I am really looking forward to one of your seminars. I will keep a look out for anytime I am close to one. I live in Texas so if you do ever come this way please let me know. I also do a lot of hunting up around the Grand Junctiuon and Rifle areas, So hopfully I will run into you sometime.

  29. Found you on youtube, then google to get here.

  30. Clay Hayes’ Backcountry College vids

  31. Heard about you through ” Flight Chops” ( youtube ) who took the Finer Points of flying mountain course. Your name is mentioned during it.

  32. I read about your emergency orange bags in the AMC Outdoor Magazine. I have been keeping a cheaper version in my pack for years. I’m attracted to the thickness and color. Makes sense. Thanks

  33. AMC monthly magazine

  34. I heard about you from my Dad, actually. He was working (now retired) at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and attended one of your seminars. While I was working on salmon in Idaho, I ended up having to go on a midnight rescue for a friend who, it turned out, had been chased onto a rock in the backcountry by a rutting bull moose and treed there for an hour and a half in the rain (with no raingear, I might add). Safety was a big topic in the house after that, and that Christmas your book turned up as a gift. Fascinating stuff!

  35. I found your book in our Boy Scout “library”. It had been dedicated and signed by you. It was a great read with many common sense ideas. I will be incorporating many of your ideas into my pack. I will be encouraging the older boys to read it.
    Troop 1 Mt. Kisco, NY

  36. AMC outdoors magazine Nov. – Dec. 2015

  37. I was taking taking a wilderness first aid course and we had just done hypothermia. We made human burritos and were inside debriefing when one of the students saw your ad in the AMC newsletter, we were at an AMC facility. It couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

  38. In the AMC Outdoor magazine, Nov/Dec 2015 issue.

  39. Initially, a few years ago when conducing a search for “survival” books on Amazon. Most recently, on YouTube with the video you did for the Colorado Fish and Wildlife. It is an excellent video. I love how it’s broken out in Chapters. Very well presented. I have purchased two of your books, one for each vehicle.

    Best Regards.

  40. Hi Peter,
    I found your book which reminded me of our times at the SCI-AWLS. Wanted to say “Hi”. Hope you and family are doing well. I see you are still scheduling seminars (great info). I spent two years in the Middle East which is survival in-itself.
    Send reply to “rdowdasat@gmail.com”.
    Happy New Year,
    Ron Dowda

  41. I had the pleasure of hearing your presentation at the summer WMS conference last year in Breckenridge. Great presentation, very informative.

  42. colorado outdoors magazine

  43. youtube vidios by Clay Hayes,love watching them, Ben.

  44. Clay Hayes of Back country College-Twisted Stave Media, mentioned a couple of things in a YouTube video. That’s not his style, but thought he would be doing a dis-service to his viewers if he did not. I’m glad he did!

  45. Colorado Hunters Ed class

  46. I have had the pleasure of attending 3 seminars and have learned so much. I have used what I have learned from Peter in my Hunter Education Classes and outdoor education programs I teach. I hope to have a chance to attend or put a seminar on in the near future. I would love to purchase a case of the big orange bags to give out to people I have taught.

    Marcey Fullerton 541-267-2577

  47. Hey great post! I hope it’s alright that I shared it on my FB, if not, no problem just let me
    know and I’ll remove it. Either way keep up the good work.

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