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This bibliography was assembled by myself and Skip Stoffel, the president of of Emergency Response InternationalWe selected books that we use as sources of information in the development of the many programs that both OutdoorSafe Inc and ERI present nationally and internationally each year.  Some of these books are of the “how to survive” variety and others are the “been there, done that, didn’t like but survived” variety.  Much can be learned from both genres of books.  As with any research no one source should be considered the absolute authority on any given topic. Rather reading the material presented by many authors will result in a broader understanding of what it takes to survive.  In the past much of the information presented in many survival training programs was derived from the experiences of the most recent survivor.  He survived therefore what he did to survive must have been correct.  Not necessarily!  Sometimes people survived in spite of what they did!  In the past fifteen years or so scientists and other highly educated men and women have studied the experiences of people in crises and have published scientific based studies that have shed new light on the science of survival.  We are indebted to them for their work for we are no longer limited to the anecdotal reports of the most recent survivor but can now develop training programs based on solid science and an understanding of the impact of the environment on human physiology.

***Means publication should be in your library

                        Book title                         Author
98.6 Degrees – The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive *** Cody Lundin
A Pilot’s Guide to Rescue Kerry J. Sullivan
A Practical Guide to Lifeboat Survival*** The Center for the Study & Practice of Survival
Acute Mountain Sickness – Type R Larry Penburthy
Adrift*** Steven Callahan
AFR 64-4 Survival U.S. Air Force
Air Rescue Carroll V. Glines and Wendal F. Moseley
Alaska Wilderness Medicines Eleanor G. Viereck
Albatross- Woman at Sea Deborah Scaling Kiley
Alive Piers P. Reid
All About Lightning Martin A. Uman
Almost Too Late Elmo Wartman
Altitude Illness – prevention and treatment Stephen Bezruchka
American Desert Rowe Findley
American Man Killers Don Zaidle
And I Alone Survived Loran Elder
Backcountry Bear Basics Dave Smith
Basic Essentials of Desert Survival Dave Ganci
Basic Essentials of Hypothermia William W. Forgey
Basic Essentials of Map and Compass Cliff Jacobson
Basic Essentials of Survival James E. Churchill
Basic Essentials of Trailside Shelters Cliff Jacobson
Basic Essentials of Weather Forecasting Michael Hodgson
Be Expert with Map & Compass Bjorn Kjellstrom
Bear Attacks Stephen Herrero
Bear Attacks – The Deadly Truth *** James Gary Shelton
Bear Aware Bill Schneider
Book of Camping Knots Peter Owen
Book of Climbing Knots Peter Owen
Book of Outdoor Knots Peter Owen
Bush Craft Mors Kochanski
Cacti Frank D. Venning
Camping and Woodcraft Horace Kephart
Camping Forgotten Skills Cliff Jacobson
Camping Healthy – Hygiene for the Outdoors Buck Tilton & Rick Bennett
Camping Wilderness Survival Paul Tawrell
Capsized James Nalepka and Steven Callahan
Cheating Death*** Larry Kaniut
Cold Comfort*** Glenn Randal
Color Atlas of Mountain Medicine Frederic Dubas & Jacques Vallotton
Compass and Map Navigator Michael Hodgson
Danger Ben East
Death by Exposure – hypothermia*** William W. Forgey
Deep Survival – Who Lives, Who Dies and Why ***  “A real winner!” Laurence Gonzales
Desert Hiking Dave Ganci
Desert Survival Dick and Sharon Nelson
Desert Survival Handbook Charles A. Lehman
Desert Survival Skills*** David Alloway
Down But Not Out  Canadian Forces
Eat to Win Robert Hoss MD.
Emergency Survival Charles A. Lehman
Endurance Alfred Lansing
Environmental Emergencies Charles E. Stewert
Essential Wilderness Navigator David Seidman
Essentials of Sea Survival*** Frank Golden, MD, PhD & Michael Tipton, PhD
Experiment in Survival*** George Sigler
Field Guide to Edible and Useful Plants Myron C. Chase
Field Guide to NA Mushrooms Gary H Lincoff
Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wild Flowers Craighead, Craighead and Davies
Field Guide to Wilderness Survival Tom Brown
Finding Your Way in the Outdoors Robert L. Mooers Jr.
GPS Made Easy – 2nd edition Lawrence Letham
Handbook Of Land Survival Lars Falt
Heartbreak and Heroism John Melady
High Altitude Illness and Wellness Charles Houston
High Altitude Medicine Herb Hultgren
How to Crash an Airplane Mick Wilson
How to Shit in the Woods Kathleen Meyer
How to Stay Alive in the Woods Bradford Angier
Hypothermia William W. Forgey, M. D.
Hypothermia, Frostbite & other Cold Injuries*** Wilkerson, Bangs and Hayword
In the Land of White Death Valerian Albanov
Indian Uses of Desert Plants James W. Cornet
Into The Wild Jon Krakauer
Into Thin Air Jon Krakauer
Jungle Travel & Survival John Walden
K2 the Savage Mountain Charles S. Huston & Robert H Bates
Killer Bears Mike Craymond
Knots for the Outdoors Cliff Jacobson
Land Navigation Handbook W. S. Kals
Let Me Survive Louise Longo
Lost on a Mountain in Maine Donn Fendler
Man on a Raft Kenneth Cooke
Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies – Fifth Edition*** Paul S. Auerbach & Edward C. Geehr
Map, Compass and Campfire Donald E. Ratliff
Maps & Compasses – a users handbook Percy W. Blandsford
Medicine for Mountaineering – 2nd edition James A. Wilkerson
Medicine for Mountaineering – 3rd edition James A. Wilkerson
Medicine for the Outdoors Paul S. Auerbach
Miracle on the Mountain Mike & Mary Couiliad
Modern Survival Dwight R. Schuh
Moseby Outdoor Medical Guide David Manhoff
Mountain Flying*** Sparky Imeson
Mountain Lion Alert Stephen Torres
Mountain Navigation Peter Cliff
Mountain Search and Rescue Techniques W. G. May
Mountain Sickness Peter H. Hackett
Mountain Wilderness Survival Craig E. Patterson
Mountaineering First Aid Dick Mitchell
New Way of the Wilderness Calvin Rutstrum
Nights of Ice*** Spike Walker
NOLS Wilderness First Aid Todd Schimelpfenig & Linda Lindsey
Northern Bushcraft Morse L Kochanski
Okpik: Cold Weather Camping  Boy Scouts of America
One Was Left Alive Jenny Tripp
Outdoor Emergency Care*** Warren D. Bowman
Outdoor First-Aid Robert J. Koester
Outdoor Living Eugene H. Fear
Outdoor Safety And Survival Paul H. Risk
Outdoor Survival Skills Larry Dean Olson
Outsmart Field Guide Ron Dawson
Physiology of Man in the Desert*** E .F. Adolph and Associates
Post True Stories of Courage & Survival Selected by Editors of Saturday Evening Post
Practical Guide to Lifeboat Survival***
Practical Outdoor Survival Len Mcdougall
Practice Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care Edited by William W. Forgey, M.D.
Primitive Outdoor Skills Richard L. Jamison
Ray Mears’ World of Survival*** Ray Mears & Jane Hunter
Rough Water- Stories of Survival at Sea Edited by Clint Willis
Running the Amazon Joe Kane
Safe Travel in Bear Country Gary Brown
SAS Encyclopedia of Survival Barry Davies BEM
SAS Jungle Survival Barry Davies BEM
Scorpions & Venomous Insects of the Southwest Erik D. Stoops & Jeffrey L Martin
Scotts Last Voyage Edited by Ann Savours
Search and Rescue Fundamentals Cooper, LaValla, Stoffel
Secrets of Warmth*** Hal Weiss
Snow Caves for Fun and Survival Ernest Wilkerson
Snow Sense Jill Fredston & Doug Fesler
Sole Survivor*** Ruthanne Lum McCunn
Staying Alive Maurice & Maralyn Bailey
Staying Found 2nd edition June Flemming
Survival Xavier Maniguet
Survival James E. Churchill
Survival Ben East
Survival – 23 True Sportsmen’s Adventures Ben East
Survival – a manual that could save your life Chris & Getchen Janowski
Survival Afloat Don Biggs
Survival in the Outdoors Bryon Dalrymple
Survival Psychology*** John Leach
Survival Sense for Pilots/Passengers*** Robert Stoffel & Patrick Lavalla
Survival the Unexpected Edited by Daniel E. Fear
Survivalist Little Book of Wisdom David Scott
Surviving the Unexpected Wilderness Emergency Gene Fear
Take the Survival Challenge Jim Aitken
The Art of Survival Cord Christian Troebst
The Book of Survival Anthony Greenbank
The Complete Walker  – 3rd edition Colin Fletcher
The Complete Wilderness Training book Hugh McManners
The Desert A. Starker Leopold
The Endurance Caroline Alexander
The Gift of Fear Gavin De Becker
The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told Lamar Underwood
The Man Who Was Left for Dead Jenny Tripp
The Outdoor Survival Handbook Raymond Mears
The Outdoor Survival Handbook Garth Hattingh
The Physiology of Human Survival*** Dr. O. G. Edholm & A .L. Bacharach
The Raft Robert Trumbull
The Sacrament*** Peter Gzowski
The SAS Escape, Evasion & Survival Manual Barry Davies BEM
The SAS Survival Book John Wiseman
The SAS Survival Handbook John Wiseman
The Spur Book of Survival and Rescue Terry Brown & Rob Hunter
The Survival Handbook Peter Darman
The Survivor Personality *** Al Siebert, PhD
The Wilderness Handbook Paul Petzold
The Wise Guide to Wilderness Survival Papa Bear Whitmore
Ticks and what you can do about them Roger Drummond
Touching the Void*** Joe Simpson
Water Wise Jerry Dzugan & Susan Clark Jensen
We Die Alone David Howarth
Weather Paul Lehr
Wild Edible Plants of the United States Donald R. Kirk
Wilderness Cookery Bradford Angier
Wilderness First Aid  – emergency care National Safety Council
Wilderness Medical Associates Field Guide James Morrissey
Wilderness Medicine  – Beyond First Aid William W. Forgey
Wilderness Medicine – third edition Paul S. Auerbach
Wilderness Medicine – third edition William W. Forgey
Wilderness Navigation Bob Burns & Mike Burns
Wilderness Survival Bernard Shanks
Wilderness Survival – Revised edition Bernard Shanks
Wilderness Survival Handbook Alan Fry
WMS Practice Guidelines for Emergency Care William W. Forgey
Woman in the Wilderness Kathleen Farmer
Women and Wilderness Ann LaBastille
Woodsman and his Hatchet Bud Cheff
Woodswomen Ann LaBastille
You Can Survive in the Outdoors Wayne Winters


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