Duane Hockett – February 2006

Dear Peter,

I went to one of your survival shows in Monroe, Washington and learned a lot of valuable things. I put some cotton balls covered with Petroleum Jelly in a medicine bottle and put them in my hunting day pack. While hunting elk in September archery season with my partner I sat in the bottom of a draw while he hunted the other side. I wasn’t dressed for the cold (cold rain) and I was several miles from the truck, and wasn’t going to leave him there alone. I did get wet and cold so the only way for me to build a fire was your method. I built a dandy fire and dried out and stayed warm for several hours until my partner arrived. I would otherwise had a strong chance of being in bad shape.

I was so impressed with your fire starter method that I taught some Royal Ranger boys how to build a fire that way. And to top it all of we took about eight boys on a five to seven mile overnight campout. About an hour before we got to the campsite it started raining, we had to set up camp, build a fire, dry the boys out and cook them a meal before dark. Let’s just say I used your talent and advice again and it works very well. All I’ll say is forget all those other fire starter methods here in the northwest. In my eyes your way is the only way period!

Thank you – Duane Hockett

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