About Us

OutdoorSafe Inc was founded by Peter Kummerfeldt in 1995 and has since transfered ownership to Brett & Shannon Stoffel.  OutdoorSafe offers wilderness and outdoor safety courses that teach both the psychological and the physiological aspects of surviving a wilderness emergency. This training includes: fire building, emergency shelters, food and water procurement and preparation, emergency signaling techniques and rescue and recovery procedures. Survival stresses that often lead to panic, and sometimes to death are identified. Planning and preparing for a survival situation is covered in detail.

Emphasis is placed on putting together a survival kit and developing the survival skills (building fires, emergency shelters, finding and purifying water, signaling for help, ) needed to maintain life under extreme wilderness conditions.

Wilderness medicine and the prevention of cold and heat injuries such as hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration, receive special attention.

For those traveling to altitudes above 8,000 feet programs are available that address the prevention, recognition and field treatment of high altitude illnesses such as Acute Mountain Sickness, (AMS) High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema. (HACE)

Other seminars cover: surviving in your car, animal and plant hazards, preventing lightning injuries, commercial and improvised survival equipment.

OutdoorSafe seminars prepare people to survive after natural disasters or terrorist attacks and are particularly relevant in today’s world.

OutdoorSafe offers programs for those traveling overseas, focusing on the threats to safe travel, precautions to take to reduce the odds of becoming the target of thieves or terrorists.

We offer Hands-on training that teaches participants how to stay found by not getting lost through the use of maps, compass and Global Positioning Systems.

Concerned with the number of deaths and injuries that occurred in the outdoors each year he started the Survival Consultant Group and later OutdoorSafe.
He has since addressed over 18,000 people as the featured speaker at numerous seminars, conferences and national conventions.

Our efforts reduce the number of people becoming injured, ill or dying in the outdoors each year.

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