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Survival and Outdoor Safety expert Peter Kummerfeldt and Map, Compass and GPS expert Ralph Wilfong will present the following training at the US Forest Service Heritage Center, Huson, MT August 31st – September 4th 2012

August 31st – September 2nd

Back Country Survival Techniques. The course is designed to provide the practical knowledge needed to travel safely in the back country knowing that should
some emergency occur, a night out does not have to be a life threatening event, just an inconvenience.

The following will be covered during the course: the psychology pf survival, survival medicine, assembling a survival kit, emergency shelters, fires and fire
building, water and water procurement, and the emergency signaling. The two and a half day course consists of a combination of classroom activity, instruction
demonstration and lots of time for student practice. Participants will be required to sleep out one night

Fee $250

September 2nd – September 4th

Practical Map, Compass and GPS. This land navigation course consists of two and a half days of both classroom instruction and field exercises. Topics presented
include: Introduction to USGS topographical maps, overview of mapping software, determining position, topographical map border information, contour lines, map
symbols, determining distance and bearing, navigation techniques and using GPS receivers to effect cross country travel. Field exercises will be conducted
throughout the course to allow for practical application of the academic material. Note: Participants are encouraged to bring their own compass and GPS receivers. Maps will be provided.

Fee $250

Back Country Survival Techniques/Practical Map, Compass & GPS This course is a combination of the two above courses. A $50 discount is given to those attending both phases.

Fee $450

For more information contact Linda Carlson at 406-626-5410, Ninemile Ranger Station, 20325 Remount Road, Huson, MT 59846

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